Sherbrooke Hosts
a Major International Summit

Peter CashmanPartnering is at the heart of both the pharmaceutical and the medical technology industries. The important changes that have affected the Life Sciences sector in recent years have pushed us to explore new ways of collaborating with academic institutions, start-ups and even entities that were yesterday’s competitors. Those are the issues we want to address and what SILS is really about.

Lundbeck is celebrating its 20th anniversary in Canada this year, and as honorary chairman of Sherbrooke International Life Sciences Summit 2015, I am pleased to be part of such an event in Canada that will lead the different players engaged in biomedical research and development to a better understanding of each other, generate fruitful collaborations and partnerships, and ultimately bring more innovative solutions forward. Together, we can address the numerous challenges we face and ensure we are delivering high-quality healthcare for the people who need it most.

Have a great Summit!

Patrick J. Cashman
President and General Manager
Lundbeck Canada



It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the Second Edition of Sherbrooke International Life Science Summit (SILS): Autonomy and Aging – Challenges & Outlooks, organized by Sherbrooke Innopole, and which will take place September 28-29-30, 2015.

This major event is once again presented in partnership with Rx&D (Pharmaceutical Research Companies of Canada) and MEDEC (Canada’s Medical Technology Companies), two leaders of the Canadian Life Sciences Industry.

The strategy to support autonomy and aging proactively and with dignity is an important issue that all societies must address in the near future. Possibilities for innovation and collaboration are also endless in this rapidly evolving sector. SILS 2015 will thus serve as an opportunity to examine future outlooks for this industry in constant mutation and discuss the collaboration opportunities it offers with big players. New to the 2015 edition, SMEs and research laboratories will be offered a forum to present their products and projects through short presentations and poster sessions.

Life Sciences is one of the industrial sectors identified by Sherbrooke Innopole as having high innovation and economic potential. Sherbrooke is indeed a hotspot in this field with its forefront research facilities, two IASP-recognized scientific parks, as well as world renowned innovative businesses. Building on the great success of its first edition, Sherbrooke Innopole will again showcase the region and its expertise with the 2015 edition.

Everything will be in place for new collaborations to emerge leading to innovative solutions that will benefit patients around the world.

Don’t miss this international event and join us for SILS 2015!

Pierre Tremblay
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Sherbrooke Innopole

Josée Fortin, M.B.A.
Director General
Sherbrooke Innopole


The 2013 edition of  the Second Edition of Sherbrooke International Life Science Summit (SILS) was such a success that we’ve decided to repeat the experience and to welcome you again in our beautiful City of Sherbrooke.

The theme for SILS’ second edition is Autonomy and Aging – Challenges & Outlooks. Since the aging process affects each and every one of us, it is of course a great area for research and development on a variety of new products that can help the population age better.  Our definition of autonomy is broader though. It also includes the many technological aids a sick child might need to go through his daily life, as well as the needs of adults in similar conditions or having suffered an accident or illness.

SILS 2015 will offer participants a series of conferences and panels on current topics from big companies, SMEs, health system stakeholders, and scientists from all over the world. The B2B matchmaking sessions will also be back by popular demand!

Our presenting partners, MEDEC (Canada’s Medical Technology Companies) and Rx&D (Pharmaceutical Research Companies of Canada), have honored us with their renewed participation in this adventure; please join us as well!

Josée Blanchard, Ph.D., MBA
Director – Business Development, Life Sciences
Sherbrooke Innopole