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Carine Boonen
Flanders' Care (Belgium)


Since January 2015, Carine Boonen is the Coordinator of Flanders’ Care, a structural partnership with all stakeholders formally established by the Flemish Government and set up as a broadly supported future pact to measurable improve quality of care through innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship. So in Flanders science and cutting edge technology meet entrepreneurs to constantly improve quality in healthcare, thus positioning Flanders as an internationally leading region in the knowledge based healthcare industry.

Graduated as a medical doctor in 1985, Carine Boonen started her career as a family practitioner, first in a private medical practice, later on in a psychiatric hospital.

For 5 years she served as a medical civil officer, first as an inspector of hospitals and homes for elderly care, later on as the chief of medical staff of the Ministry of Public Health in Flanders (1987-1992).

For 15 years she was the CEO of the Federation of Hospitals and Health Care Institutions in Flanders. There she learned how to manage the tension between creating value for federation members whilst navigating budgetary constraints set out by politicians. This way she became experienced in strategic negotiations (1992-2006).

For 5 years she served as a senior health care policy advisor of the minister-president of Flanders. Navigating complex regulatory and political challenges regarding state reform in health care policy in Belgium, was one of her tasks (2007-2012).

She was also the CEO of a regional hospital in Flanders (2012-2014).

In the meantime, by participating in several boards all over the world, she learned how to enhance personal contribution for maximizing board productivity.

Nowadays amongst others, she is still member of the board of the Center for Medical Innovation, of a regional hospital and of homes for elderly care.

In the past she was member of the Board of Trustees of the University of Leuven (2002-2012) and member of the board of Child Focus Belgium (2009-2012).

For more than 10 years she was member of the board of the European Hospital and Healthcare Federation and president of its Committee on Economics and Planning (1996-2007).

As a member of the Executive Committee (2005-2007) and of the Governing Council of the International Hospital Federation in Geneva (2003-2009), she learned from the best from around the world how today’s economy spans national boundaries and cultural realities and how to deal with international perspectives for an interconnected world. She improved her capacity to assess innovative health care delivery and to leverage breakthrough ideas aimed to improve the access and quality of sustainable health systems in developing and developed countries.

Throughout her career authentic leadership, based on integrity and vision, consequently has been her most important passion.

Organization Description

Flanders' Care



Flanders’ Care is a project of the Flemish Governement with its mission being to measurably improve the offering of quality care through innovation and to stimulate responsible entrepreneurship in the care economy. It is one of the most prominent pillars of Flanders in Action (ViA). Its objective is to develop and implement innovative breakthroughs in all forms of care. This makes it possible, among other projects, to meet the ever-changing needs of a population which is growing older. By 2030, more than 25% of the Flemish population will consist of people over the age of 65.